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Ants are social creatures that typically live in large communal colonies and once one ant has made its way into your home, the rest are sure to follow in search of food and water in order to sustain themselves. While they may be seen as less “gross” when it comes to potential pests invading your home versus, say cockroaches or bed bugs, they are no less of a nuisance and need to be taken care of. Whether ants choose your home or not is based mostly on where the queen decides to set up her colony. Depending on whether you have black, flying or carpenter ants, you will have different ways of dealing with the infestation.

Signs of Ants in Your Home

 Live ants – you may see them trekking through your home or converged on food that’s been dropped or left out in your kitchen or eating areas.

 Pathways or trails – these are attractants for other ants to follow.

 Nests – these may be in walls or other quiet, dark spaces or outside your home.

 Frass – this debris produced by ants can be wood shavings, sawdust or excrement.

 Dry, rustling sounds – made when the ant colony is disturbed, it is thought to be a form of communication.

Ant Removal Made Easy in St. Catharines

You can either try to take care of ants in your home or you can call in the professionals of Peninsula Pest Control Ltd. Ant control is not normally a simple fix and usually requires professionals to ensure that the ant problem has been taken care of permanently. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how clean or dirty your home is to have an infestation – it might just be a place ants come to. 

A few things that you can do right away when you start to see ants include:

Wiping down anywhere you see ants crawling around with a disinfectant wipe to erase the scented trail left behind.

Check all your cupboards for any food sources such as a leaky honey or peanut butter jar and if found, take care of them by cleaning and/or sealing them in tight containers.

 Seal off all entry points you can find in your home.

If you’ve tried all the tricks for getting rid of ants and they still haven’t worked, it’s time to bring in the professionals. Call us at Peninsula Pest Control Ltd. and we’ll come and assess your infestation situation. Our trained and capable team has experience with a variety of pest problems and will be able to offer quick and efficient ant removal for your St. Catharines home. We understand that dealing with a pest situation can be tricky and sometimes require discretion and that’s why our services include unmarked vans free of logos and advertising. You’ll receive a written guarantee before we begin any pest control to ensure you know exactly what we’ll be doing and what results you can expect from our services.

Call now for pest control, including ant removal, in St. Catharines and the surrounding area.



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